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Our culinary tour begins on the flowered coast, the region of Calvados. Situated in the north coast of France nearest the English Channel, Normandy is often remembered for the D Day landings of British, Canadian and American troops that stormed ashore to battle the Germans in WWII.  I’ve yet to visit this region, but after this lesson I suspect there is much to remember and discover.

Chef Tivet created 3 dishes in practical, all based on liquors from Normandy.  All of the dishes were based on the simple and honest apple.

Matelote Normande au Cidre Brut, Fish Stew with Dry Cider

Pintade Fermiere Poelee Vallee D’Auge, Pan Roasted Guinea Fowl with Calvados Sauce

Tarte Fine aux Pommes et Cremeux Caramel, Apple Tart with Creamy Caramel

Each dish features an alcohol based on apples, dry ciders or calvados, and cream.  From savory to sweet the flavors of the region are remarkable.  What was interesting is the menu did not compete against each other on the apple front, but rather took you on a journey from the salty fish stew onto the sexy Calvados cream fowl and finally to the apple forward dessert.

It struck me in the practical that French chefs are persistently cruel with their seafood.  In basic you witnessed I murdered crabs, and you will see me in a future lesson inflict the same treatment on a lobster.  In this demonstration the Chef removed the intestine from live crayfish before putting them to death in a pan of hot oil.  Mon Dieu!  Must we always be so barbaric?  Seems I forgot all about it when the fish stew was served though – perhaps I am now on their side?

For our practical we prepared the Pan Roasted Guinea Fowl with Calvados Sauce.  Guinea Fowl, originally a wild African bird, is farm raised and has both light and dark meat.  For this recipe, if you cannot find such a bird, substitute a pheasant or chicken.  The bird will be braised whole on a bed of aromatic vegetables for 40 to 50 min at 200 C.   An accompaniment of apples pan fried in butter is delicious alongside. Continue reading for instructions….


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