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The weather has begun to turn cool here in Amsterdam, which means I can indulge in comforting bistro fare once again.   An impressive preparation for pork, but easy to prepare, is a brined crown roast.  We are fortunate here that our butcher will sell us small portioned roasts of 3 to 4 ribs which is perfect for a small dinner party.

We had guests from overseas recently whom I would send out into Amsterdam unaccompanied, as I had to work.  The forecast didn’t look promising, rain, cold and gloom, but no one visits Amsterdam for the weather.  Off they went, raincoats sweaters and umbrellas in hand to tour the 9 streets, Anne Frank Huis and my favorite pub Café Arendsnest.  The Arendsnest means eagles nest in Dutch and is a wonderful place to spend a sunny or a rainy afternoon with over 30 Dutch beers on tap.

Knowing they would face a damp and dreary day I wanted to serve them a comforting meal for the evening so I choose this cozy bistro recipe from Bouchon by Thomas Keller (my favorite go to bistro bible).  I love serving this pork roast for a dinner party as most of the work is done by the brine rather than the cook!

My guests did arrive home soaked to the skin having experienced what we like to refer to as sideways rain.  They were very ready for a warm and comforting meal and when the roasted pork rib accompanied by potato puree and wine poached prunes appeared at their place I could tell I’d hit the mark.

The recipe for this delectable dish – brined crown pork roast.

MaryFrances has created exceptional wine pairings for this brined roast pork recipe and she invites us to enjoy a red or white wine.   She is so versatile!  I hope you enjoy her selections.

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