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I constantly find myself in a state of surprise as to how much my tastes have changed over the years.  There were moments in time where I would not eat onions, olives, mushrooms, eggs, fish, liver, duck – I could go on but you get the point.   My mother was a very patient woman and “lovingly” prepared a separate plate for me eliminating things I didn’t like – or perhaps it was less frustrating to prepare a different plate than to watch a young girl pout and pick onions out of her meatballs?

It’s taken a number of years to come to the conclusion that my mother’s adage, “you’ll never know until to try it”, was wise advice I should have taken years back.

And so I it was with a little trepidation that I began Lesson 19.  The technique new to me in this lesson was “cooking” fish without heat or in a word “ceviche”.  I had little experience with this cooking method having rarely encountered ceviche on the menu in restaurants nor tried it at home.   This was a little test for me to explore just how far I had come and whether I was open to giving new foods a try.

Ceviche is popular in Mediterranean and South American cooking where fish is prevalent in the regional diets.   Raw thin slices of fish or small pieces of seafood are marinated with oil and aromatic herbs.  Then the fish is “cooked” by sprinkling the pieces with lemon or lime juice and/or salt which react to change the structure of the product from raw to cooked.  The “cooking” process is complete in around 10 minutes.  In the modern version ceviche it kept slightly rare therefore “ceviche” needs to be served quite quickly after citrus juice has been added.


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