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Chef Terrien’s Lovely Baba Pie

According to Chef Terrien, who hosted this demonstration, Russian Babas apparently inspired this dish.  A peasant dish made up of what ever were at hand, leftovers in a pastry crust served with a butter sauce to cover up any tasteless sins.  How did this every come to France?  Well apparently the dish was so popular in Russia that Escoffier brought it to France and included in his famous cookbook “The Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery”.  How is this modern if Baba’s are making it?

Following Chef Terrien requires a lot of espresso.  The demonstration table was littered with bowls and ingredients, which was a marked change from our mentor Chef Clergue.   Was that butter in the dessert, the main or the entrée?  Is that sauce for the entree or the main?   It’s no wonder everyone was a bit off the mark in the practical.

The recipe is for a “coulibiac”, which is a Russian dish consisting of a stuffing of sturgeon, salmon, rice, eggs, mushrooms and dill in a pastry shell according to Wikipedia.  Our recipe was pimped up with pink sea bass; quails eggs and parsley but followed the basic principles.  I’d never seen a pink sea bass before and it was a rather gorgeous fish (before I gutted and fileted it of course).

I decided to make two small fish “loaves” or “coulibiacs” rather than one large one as in the practical. I could easily give away a whole uncut version, and food that has been pre-plated is not that appetizing.   Not much redeeming for me in this recipe, but I made an excellent butter sauce to go along with my not so gorgeous fish “loaf”.   A yeast pastry filled with layers of sea bass, seasoned rice, salmon and quails eggs.   It is a lot of work for a fish pie if you ask me.  Babas must have a lot of time on their hands.

The best part of the recipe, cheese stuffed tomato garnish.  Some elements are timeless!   Continue for Stuffed Tomato Recipe


My version of fish pie


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