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Cuddly fish?

Cuddly fish?

I hesitate to discuss cuttlefish as my main reaction is to eating this fish is why bother?  Squid I actually like but cuttlefish is a weird and very rubbery fish.  I fortunately forgot my camera and have no snapshots to bore you with for this dish.  As such let’s talk about the other part of the recipe, gazpacho!

The gazpacho made at Cordon Bleu is likely not a recipe most Spanish would be enthused about.  This one included ketchup and bread crumbs.  How strange?  It is a soup right?  So why add bread crumb?   Or for that matter ketchup?  The most thrilling part of this class was the preparation of moijto’s in the kitchen by our wonderful assistant Emmanuel!   Cocktails with entrée awesome!!  They went down mighty nice during that late night demo I must say.  Prevented the revolt against the cuttlefish – good work Emmanuel!

Gazpacho is a very healthy and delicious tomato based soup which is served cold.  It makes an excellent amuse, first course or summer luncheon main.  The best recipe I’ve tried is from the Ad Hoc cookbook, Sungold Tomato Gazpacho, which is by famed chef Thomas Keller.  The reason I like this recipe is the use of yellow tomatoes therefore you are forced to make the recipe in the right season.

adhoc cover

Here’s a link to Vivek’s Epicurean Adventures with the recipe and some great photos.   To add to Vivek’s recipe instructions I would add that the tomatoes should be peeled if we are to make it French style (yes even cherry tomatoes I’m afraid), but I whole-heartedly approve of the substitution of basil for chives in Thomas Keller’s recipe!

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