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Fricandeau - really?

Fricandeau – really?

On occasion, we truly cook some odd things in Superior Cuisine; in this case the oddity was Fricandeau.  Essentially Fricandeau is little ground meat patties, which are fried and served alongside the main event.  In this lesson, we made these patties from the leg of a guinea fowl.

The breast of guinea fowl was roasted on the bone, which means we would portion the whole bird and debone the legs.   The breasts were trussed, seasoned and went into the oven on a bed of chicken wings, mirepoix, including of all ingredients lemongrass, and bones from the legs.  The leg meat was ground and combined with mascarpone cheese, basil and chorizo.  French cooking?  Must be Basque!

A further interesting garnish we cooked was a Green Tomato Royale.  Essentially this is a flan but a “royale” is defined, as have less eggs and cream.   Green tomatoes are fried, spinach is wilted and all is pureed with egg yolks and a little cream.  The green tomato and chlorophyll from spinach keep the vivid green color in tact.  A very distracting element on the plate as the color is a bit too vivid.

Gigi, (aka Cindy) my good friend from Canada, was able to witness the weirdness at the day’s demonstration and also the presentation of our final exam basket of ingredients.  She was glad she wasn’t fed frog’s legs and rabbit!  Mini burgers, if not truly French food, where just fine with her!

I would say most of us were particularly distracted at the beginning of the demonstration by the presentation of the ingredient list we would cook with for the final exam…venison, oysters and macaroni?   So, the strange mini burger was somewhat in the background. I suspect there are some challenging times ahead of me to determine how to make this work for a classic French jury tasting our final dishes!

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