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If you have visited my blog you’ll know I also have a passion for wine.  In the past I’ve given you a few recommendations however this is all about to change.   My dear friend and sommelier, MaryFrances, will now contribute to Tales From My Plate!

I am very excited to be able to share her extensive wine knowledge with you therefore you will find a new category has been added, Wine Pairings.   Each dish will be paired with a recommendation (or two if she’s ambitious!)

We hope you enjoy the new addition!

Sadly, the final days of summer are quickly evaporating.    I have to admit it has been an awesome summer.  Before the fall descends I want to introduce you to brining. A brine is essentially a heavily salted liquid mixture infused with spices and is a technique used to tenderize and impart moisture and flavor into meat, poultry and fish.

Although it may not seem logical to submerge a whole chicken or rack of pork in a cold liquid, brining is a magnificent way to take your cooking to the next level without investing a fortune in cooking lessons.

There are a number of different recipes for brines dependent on what flavors or meat you want to cook with.  I will share a few during September to get your creative juices going 😉

You’ll need to prepare the brine a day in advance to cool it sufficiently.  In the morning, butterfly the chicken and submerge in the brine.  I’ll continue to share my love of brining throughout September and October.

Continue for recipe for Beer Brined Chicken and a glass (or 2?) of fabulously paired wines.

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